Kenneth C. “Kenn” Ricci is an American aviation entrepreneur and the Principal of Directional Aviation Capital, which owns or invests in various aviation enterprises including Flexjet, where he also serves as Chairman.

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Challenges for Private Jets After Pandemic Surge

But for companies like Flexjet, which own their own fleets and cater to more stable customers who buy chunks of flight hours, the surge during the pandemic brought new problems, including having to purchase expensive aircraft capacity from other operators to meet clients’ needs, said Kenn Ricci, chairman of Flexjet.


Sirio Opens Maintenance Hangar at Milan Linate Airport

Aircraft management and maintenance group Sirio today launched operations in a new hangar at Milan Linate Airport that will provide support for sister company Flexjet Europe. The new facility is the 11th hangar in the Italian airport’s business aviation complex, almost doubling the size of Sirio’s infrastructure there to 10,625 square meters (114,000 sq ft).

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A Linate Prime inaugurato il nuovo hangar di manutenzione X

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Flexjet Scraps IPO, Continues Growth Plans

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